Super Junior members to accompany Kangin

Super Junior’s Kangin (Real name Kim Yong Woon) will enter the army on the 5th of July.

Kangin will be enrolled in the Choongnam Nonsan Army Camp, after 5 weeks of training he will do his military service. Kangin wanted to enroll in October but as soon as he applied, the dates were moved forwards. It is known that Kangin is preparing by relaxing.

In the past September, Kangin was in an incident but in the following October he was driving all drunk and he spent all this time reflecting. With this Kangin wasn’t able to participate in Super Juniors 4th Album ‘Miinah’ and is the very first Super Junior member to enlist in the army.

One reporter said “Kangin will quietly enlist in the army” and “And at that time the Super Junior members will accompany him. I can see that a lot of fans will gather around” and sent the message. In the recent Super Juniors fan meeting on the 23rd he sent a message saying “I will remind myself that I will do well in the army and show a good side of me”

Translations: Seungeun Lee @ SJWORLD.NET
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