sujuinsider is a blog for Super Junior for news updates, events or anything related to them.

Most posts here came from other websites.  We gather all sources that we can find and put them on this blog.  Thus, we make sure that there are proper credits at the end of each post.  We only get these  “credits”  from the post where we got it.  Knowing  how many ELFs  are there around the world with blogs about Super Junior, it is not easy to track where the original post came from.  So if your original post/translation wasn’t properly credited, please notify us immediately, so we can fix it as soon as possible.

However, posts without any credits at the end are written by sujuinsider, so PLEASE GIVE PROPER CREDITS as well.

If there are any wrong information, wrongly credited posts,  uncredited posts, or your original posts that shouldn’t be taken out but seen on this blog, please notify us too.  We will gladly appreciate your help in making this blog better!

Thank you!

Kamsahamnida! ♥

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