Kangin reunites with Super Junior on his first vacation

Super Junior member Kangin, (Kim Young-woon) who is currently in the army fulfilling the country’s two-year military service, was allowed to go on his first vacation on October 14th, after being in the army for one hundred days. First on his agenda, of course, was reuniting with other Super Junior members, meeting a few friends … Continue reading

Super Junior shares their thoughts on Kangin and Hankyung’s controversies

The members of Super Junior made a recent appearance on MBC’s Chuseok special, “Radio Star Super Show,” and revealed their honest thoughts on the controversies surrounding Kangin and Hankyung (Hangeng). Super Junior stated, “When Kangin first became involved in an assault case, we thought that we needed to shield him and protect him. Kangin showed … Continue reading

News about Kangin – Account from another soldier

Friend took the train today, and there were many soldiers in it. Then when she took the escalator, the soldier next to her saw her phone background (it is Kangin), and he said “Oh! Our leader!!” So my friend asked “Do you know Youngwoon oppa?” And he said that Youngwoon is his leader when they … Continue reading

Kangin’s Life in the Army

Although it’s only been two months since Super Junior‘s Kangin was officially enlisted in the army, it may almost seem like an eternity to fans. While the Super Junior member is missing out on idol activities, it seems all is well in his army life. Featured in The World Best Hunnam Story, fans get to … Continue reading

Kangin greets fans at SS3 concert

Super Junior member Kangin who joined the army on 5th of July appeared on the stage of Super Junior’s concert once again. On the afternoon of the 15th, 4pm, Super Junior revealed news about Kangin during the press conference before the opening of their third Asian tour “Super Show 3’ at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. … Continue reading

[PICTURE] Kangin’s third week in military

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Leeteuk confesses, after Kangin’s ‘drinking’ incident and entering army “members went through a hard time”

Suju Leeteuk confesses, after Kangin’s ‘drinking’ incident and entering [army] “members went through a hard time” Super Junior had quite a few incidents and accidents. Lately, after Kangin’s drinking incident it related to him entering the army. Leeteuk spoke up about this “it is true that there are a lot of incidents and accidents .” … Continue reading

SJ’s bedroom type

Maybe some of u already know this but I just wanna share to you heehee we all already know that our oppa-reul have their own personality so they have their own bedroom type ^^ -Dylla Check this out ! Fishy type (Donghae) Peterpan’s type (teuki) Dangkoma’s type (Yesung) Evil’s type (Kyuhyun) Horse’s type (Siwon) Monkey’s … Continue reading

Kangin in the army

1. An ELF has a brother who is the instructor in the camp, so the ELF told her brother to take care of Kangin well, and said that now there isnt anything special regarding Kangin, he is living well inside. On the 11th, the ELF spoke with the brother. Brother said that Kangin is very interesting, telling everyone about stories of artists and so he seemed to make many friends. There seemed to already have formed a group. Recently the brother is busy so won’t be making much calls but when he is out for break, he will talk more on Kangin’s life in the camp..

SJ filmed all night to see Kangin off

On July 5th afternoon, at Choongnam Nonsan army training center, they saw Kangin off who’s the first in the group to enter the army. It has been known that they did not mind filming all night to accompany Kangin. One representative said, “the members gladly volunteered to do it.”

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