[VIDEO+DL LINK] Super Junior “Angel” for Haru OST


Super Junior shares their thoughts on Kangin and Hankyung’s controversies

The members of Super Junior made a recent appearance on MBC’s Chuseok special, “Radio Star Super Show,” and revealed their honest thoughts on the controversies surrounding Kangin and Hankyung (Hangeng). Super Junior stated, “When Kangin first became involved in an assault case, we thought that we needed to shield him and protect him. Kangin showed … Continue reading

50 Most Influential Korean on Twitter

Twitter stalkers-ehem, followers-should be quick to attest the perks of the networking site. Like a live channel, fans get fresh updates on their favorite people, from politicians to actors and artists. On the flipside, Twitter is also a good measure of a celebrity’s popularity. Website Koreantweeters recently pulled out a top 50 ranking titled Power … Continue reading

[VIDEO] Bonamana Version C Album Launch in the Philippines

Credits: Universal Records Philippines

Heechul is the most successful MC Idol!

Heechul is the most successful MC idol. Idols are in the middle of evolving. Saying that an idol only needs talents and good looks are already from the past. Having witty responses and personal talents in variety shows aren’t enough either. More and more idols are now heading towards the MC-ing positions, becoming the ‘MC … Continue reading

[SPOTTED!] Hangeng at ST Fans Club Backstage

Credits: t.sina.com.cn/stfansclub (ST歌迷俱乐部 Official Weibo) Reuploaded by: Excentrique @ SJ-WORLD.NET TAKE OUT WITH FULL AND PROPER CREDITS.

News about Kangin – Account from another soldier

Friend took the train today, and there were many soldiers in it. Then when she took the escalator, the soldier next to her saw her phone background (it is Kangin), and he said “Oh! Our leader!!” So my friend asked “Do you know Youngwoon oppa?” And he said that Youngwoon is his leader when they … Continue reading

JJ Lin and Hangeng battle it out in dancing

Composer Lin Jun Jie, who recently held his “I AM” World Tour in Beijing and Shanghai, has arrived in Chengdu. During the concert, JJ Lin appeared in the south side of the stage, and performing with him in the concert were Hangeng, Jin Sha and BY2. Before the concert, JJ Lin’s fans and Hangeng’s fans … Continue reading

Shindong resembles Nickhun?

Member of male group Super Junior, Shindong, has attracted people’s attention by posting a picture which showed him and 2PM member Nickhun on his twitter account. Posted on Sept 17th afternoon a picture using “Search Result of Artist Resemblance*”‘s program showed Shindong and Nickhun are resemble by 23 % while Shindong and singer Hong Kyungmn … Continue reading

[VIDEO] Asianism – Colourful Day with Donghae

credit : elpflog http://www.hae-girls.com

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