2010 Korean album sales results released!

The results for the best selling Korean albums of 2010 have been released. SNSD dominates the chart with a whopping 312,000 number of albums sold overall. Super Junior follows with 263,000 and SHINee comes in third at 155,000. Surprising results include TVXQ’s impressive sale of 40,000, considering the recent release date of their album. Overall … Continue reading

50 Most Influential Korean on Twitter

Twitter stalkers-ehem, followers-should be quick to attest the perks of the networking site. Like a live channel, fans get fresh updates on their favorite people, from politicians to actors and artists. On the flipside, Twitter is also a good measure of a celebrity’s popularity. Website Koreantweeters recently pulled out a top 50 ranking titled Power … Continue reading

Popular Korean Idol Group’s Rule: Leader of Blood Type A; youngest member must be cute?

Many Korean bands debut each year, and if you analyse how each of these idol groups achieved success, you will realise that there is actually a structure (like a perfect combination): With the group leader’s blood type being A, the group would be the most charismatic and stable; In a group, the youngest must be … Continue reading

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