Super Junior’s ‘Bijin’ Full Audio Released!

As we all know, the Japanese version of Bonamana by Super Junior is called, “Bijin”. Yesterday, the full audio of the song came out exciting and giving ELFs all over the world a case of LSS. ‘Bijin’ is already available online for pre-orders and will be released this coming June 08, 2011. The song, “Bijin” … Continue reading

Super Junior M unveils their “Perfection”

Just today, SM Entertainment unveils Super Junior M’s “Perfection”!

Super Junior M unveils “Perfection” teaser

We now know that Super Junior-M is returning with their second mini-album, “Too Perfect” on February 25th. A sample of their title track was even shared on a Taiwanese radio station. Now, more information has been released as the album recently appeared for preorders on the Avex Taiwan website. According to translations provided by @zhouminews: … Continue reading

S.M. The Ballad’s Photoshoot for Nylon Korea

Project group S.M. The Ballad has been hard at work belting out live performances, and raking in top ranking digits from the sales of their debut album. So magazine Nylon Korea lets the boys relax for a while with a chill photoshoot. S.M. The Ballad’s live performances of their songs Hot Time…s and Miss You … Continue reading

[MV] Ryeowook – Smile Again (Home Sweet Home OST.)

[VIDEO] Eunteuk dances to SNSD’s “Hoot” on Sukira!

I guess everybody is worried about Eeteuk’s injury that he had broke his finger. Don’t get too worried because he is fine. We can only spot a big bandage around his fourth finger. Despite his injuries, he still enjoys DJ-ing at his own radio show with Eunhyuk. Both of them became excited when the SNSD’s … Continue reading

Zhoumi talks about Super Junior M’s upcoming album

Zhou Mi: Super Junior M new album will be out to meet everyone soon. We are now working hard in recording and gathering songs. The members are learning Mandarin too.So I hope everyone can support us just like before,okay?

Siwon’s guest appearance in SNSD’s newest MV, “Hoot”

It’s not just a day for the Sones today but for the ELFs as well!  Just today, SNSD revealed their most-awaited MV for “Hoot”. The beautiful ladies of SNSD/Girls’ Generation have been driving fanboys wild with concept and video teasers for their 3rd mini album track, “훗 / Hoot.”  But now, fan girls have a … Continue reading

[VIDEO] Hangeng-Wings of Love MV

Han Geng 韩庚 –《爱的翅膀》Wings of Love MV The long awaited MV of every gengfan. The song was originally written by a gengfan Leilei as a birthday present to Han Geng, he now sang it back to us as a thank you for our support. The MV pretty much consists of a lot of behind the … Continue reading

Kyuhyun: Three Musketeers Musical AD


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