ELFs, are you ready for Bonamana Version D?

Elfs, are you ready for another round of Bonamana Fever? Yes, you heard it right. There will be a Version D of the NUMBER ONE ALBUM “Bonamana”.

Due to billions of requests, SM Entertainment made this ASIA SPECIAL EDITION or VERSION D just for, well you’re right,… ASIAN COUNTRIES ONLY! No need to buy the Korean Version because there’s NO KOREAN VERSION!

VERSION D includes DVD of ‘Bonamana’ MV + ‘No Other’ MV + Making Film of Both MVs. The songs are the same as Version C.

So if you are a Super Junior fan, don’t forget to complete your collection of this 4th Bonamana installment. If you’re just planning to buy Bonamana CD, well we recommend Version D!

Here’s the tracklisting :

2. No Other
3. Shake It Up! (Remix Version)
4. All My Heart
5. A Short Journey
6. Boom Boom
7. Coagulation
8. Your Eyes
9. My Only Girl
10. My All Is In You
11. Shake It Up!
12. In My Dream
13. One Fine Spring Day
14. Good Person
15. Here We Go

2. BONAMANA Making Film
3. No Other MV
4. No Other Making Film

CREDIT: Universal Records Philippines Facebook fanpage

4 Responses to “ELFs, are you ready for Bonamana Version D?”
  1. ff says:

    how much ????

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