One Way’s Chance & Peter tweets about SJ-M’s Comeback Album

It seems like the boys of One Way are not only busy with the promotion of their “Rainy Days” album, but they are also involved in the production of Super Junior-M’s comeback album.

We all know Super Junior members, most particularly Donghae & Henry Lau are quite chummy with One Way’s Chance and their friendship extends to their professional lives. Chance remixed one of the tracks in the Bonamana album entitled ‘Shake It Up’.

In their recent tweets, Peter & Chance have been revealing their involvement in the new Super Junior-M album. Here are their tweets :

Peter’s Tweets:

“Just finished recording at SM and had some chicken teriyaki~ damn I love this place~^^” (December 18th)

“Currently back at SM recording studio working~” (December 18th)

“Currently at SM with Chance doing a recording session with the SJ boys~” (December 16th)

Chance’s Tweets:

“Peter made a tiny cameo in the m track lol PETER: whoody hoo!!!! (Background noise) lol” (December 18th)

“Finished with part 2 of rec. Session w/ @henrylau89 핸리야 수고했다! ㅋㅋ” (December 18th)

“Finished recording ryeowook, now break time. ^^ hangin out with henry, zhoumi!! Lol” (December 16th)

“On my way for the rec. Session with the M brothers!!” (December 16th)

Let’s wait for more ‘revelation’ soon!

Source : Peter & Chance Twitter
Article from:  One Way Live in Manila Facebook fanpage


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