[SS3 MANILA] Basic Stage Layout + Updates

Ms. Happee Sy, the concert organizer for SS2 and SS3 released this stage layout just yesterday.


  1. The gray areas in the picture are also a part of the stage.
  2. According to Ms. Happee, the best part in Upper B is 401 and 402.
  3. And best veiw would be: 321, 300, 301, 302
  4. There is a total of 8,000 seats.
  5. The two blue- colored rectangles near the contol booth is a glass stage.
  6. The control booth is where the technical staff stays.  Don’t worry that it will block your view because it is positioned lower than the stage.  The seats will be at the same level as the stage.

Ms Happee:

Due to public demand: November 13 (1 – 6 pm) reservations for vvip and vip seats. Official hotline will be posted by the end of this week.

According to her, prices are still to follow. But most probably, the price range will be released by the end of this week, because they are still trying to look for  sponsors to support and to help for the price adjustments.

And please be patient enough to wait for further announcements on the ticket prices. There aren’t still official ticket prices (maybe except for the one that she mentioned before, SVIP= around Php 7920).  She only said it will only range from last year’s SS2.

Many ELFs kept on asking what the ticket prices are.   Please try to cooperate and  understand the organizers, as they can’t do everything in just a snap.  It’s really hard to organize an event, and they are still on the process of looking for sponsors support for the concert for the price adjustments (and this is also a benefit for ELFs.). So please try to understand and be patient. 🙂 Let’s all help each other and Ms. Happee together with the other organizers.

ELFS: Please also be careful of scammers, especially when you think the recipient is not trustworthy.  Don’t waste you money on scammers!

For more information and updates, visit Ms. Happee’s fan page on Facebook:


SOURCE: Ms. Happee Sy’s official Facebook fanpage

*The information here are all from Ms. Happee Sy’s fanpage.

2 Responses to “[SS3 MANILA] Basic Stage Layout + Updates”
  1. neslen bunyi says:

    can we reserve a ticket then we will just pay it next week???

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