Fan meets Kyuhyun in a wedding ceremony

I am a student at Kyuhyun’s father tuition class. Today the tuition teacher is getting married so I attended the wedding ceremony because the tuition principal said Kyuhyun oppa is coming to sing a congratulatory song, but he didn’t come. However, I waited. (Kyuhyun) Came late because of the traffic jam, and the ceremony ended before he got to sing the song. I wanted to take a photo with my teacher so I continued to wait, and a guy with long legs walked from afar. It was Kyuhyun oppa!!! Wanted to tell the tuition principal “I want to take a photo with Kyuhun oppa, can I?” and then leave, but then Kyuhyun followed the tuition principal around like a little chick hehe. Then he stood alone blankly. “I am oppa’s fan, can I take a picture?” (Kyuhyun) said very awkwardly, “Ahh…I…No..It’s not like that…Haha”. Then went down to eat, meanwhile oppa was chatting and taking photos with others, so I went down to the eating place very depressedly. Tuition principal was there too, so I told him “Kyuhyun oppa doesn’t want to take picture with me TT Really TT” He said “Will let you have it in a while”, I know Kyuhyun oppa will go so I just simply mumbled to him. Taking my food to the table, Kyuhyun oppa was sitting there!! My expression was very gloomy at that time, then the tuition principal said(to Kyuhyun), “What to do with the child there? Because you don’t take a photo with her, she’s a little angry*.“ Saying that makes me so embarassed. We ate together at that table with heads bowed down, (Kyuhyun) says he thought I’m a fan from outside** so he didn’t take photo with me…even looked at me and asked me if I was still angry…heh then we took the photo. Oppa only eats fruits, after asking I found out he’s on diet…later he left first because of schedule!!

* Not exactly angry, maybe more like not very happy about it.
** The direct translation means “illegitimate fan” lol. I am guessing it means he thought the girl was not there for the wedding and just went in to take picture with him or something like that?

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Cr: 天籁 \ English Trans
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5 Responses to “Fan meets Kyuhyun in a wedding ceremony”
  1. kyunezz says:

    hahaha lucky you, i understand how u felt, i too would be disappointed to have my request rejected like that, spesh by my #1 idol hahaha

  2. ruth intan says:

    you so lucky… i’m so jealous…

  3. drathnote_09 says:

    awwwwwwwwww….you’re so lucky,,,,,

  4. amal says:

    so cute… i love it.. hehehe..

  5. cagalli14 says:

    lucky you 🙂

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