News about Kangin – Account from another soldier

Friend took the train today, and there were many soldiers in it. Then when she took the escalator, the soldier next to her saw her phone background (it is Kangin), and he said “Oh! Our leader!!” So my friend asked “Do you know Youngwoon oppa?” And he said that Youngwoon is his leader when they were training in the mountains. Then he said about Youngwoon oppa training in the mountains, saying how Youngwoon cried and said sorry while reading letters sent to him by ELF, and said that oppa really took care of people around him very well.. He said he pulled Youngwoon down during the training and felt apologetic, wanting my friend to say sorry to Youngwoon if she sees him. Oppa even bragged about ELF to others in camp, saying how fans let him saw the truth(?!), using events and making him feel touched everyday, saying even if sometimes they ‘ruined’ the events, it is also very cute!

SOURCE: 온새미로
Credit: 强特私人公寓 (
Chinese translation: 夜战的紫菜包饭
English translation: minoko2440 @
Take out with full credits and do not amend

One Response to “News about Kangin – Account from another soldier”
  1. Cathy Kimlee says:

    😥 kangin oppa…

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