Yesung discloses a photo of himself and his parents

Super Junior Yesung welcomed his 27th birthday on August 24.

On this day, Yesung disclosed a photo (of himself) together with his parents through twitter.

Yesung and (his) parents took the photo together in a dark room, in the photo (,) Yesung held onto the cake, with the candles glowing on the top.

Yesung uploaded the photo on twitter and stated “27th birthday… (I) spent it with my family, really blissful… now, the ones who made me; Yesung, the ones who were by my side supporting me all along, really thankful to all of you… thank you…”

On the other hand, fans also left responses on Yesung’s twitter “Happy birthday!” “It’d be better if Yesung hyung was together with (his) younger brother.” “Thankful to you for being on this world” and more congratulatory messages.

On this day, Simon stated “My friend Yesung, happy birthday.”, Shindong also said “Happy birthday ah”, both of them expressed their blessings towards Yesung through twitter.

Source: Newsen
Korean to chinese translation: 悦鑫 @ Sjgonghui
Chinese to english translation: ~♡ 혁-fied @
Posted by: SuJuInsider

One Response to “Yesung discloses a photo of himself and his parents”
  1. rayme says:

    happy belated birthday ye sung ! love ur voice~
    you + kyu hyun + ryewook = superb!

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