Hangeng Comes to Taiwan and Keeps on Getting Hugged

Zhongxin Net August 20th reports according to the Taiwan “Lian He Bao” Report: Han Geng Going Solo from Super Junior Comes to Taiwan and Keep on Getting Hugged.

Yesterday, Han Geng who attended the recording of “Diamond Club” and “I love Blackie Lollipop”, kept on getting hugged by different women, MC BiLi even pounced him and made him show the “Electric Motor”.

BiLi asked Han Geng to do butt shakes for a minute and started yelling, “If Han Geng beats the competitors’ record of 216 times, he gets double payment today.” Han Geng shook with a lot of effort and was able to get a high result of 203 times. When asked about the technique, Han Geng was breathing so hard he could only wave his hand; he was panting so much he couldn’t even talk. During recording BiLi kept on touching Han Geng, insisting on getting a hug for the greeting and then pretending to faint. When the two of them danced together, she even pounced him to the ground. But BiLi also shared with the fans and asked Han Geng to his fans.

As for the upcoming judgment of Han Geng’s case tomorrow*, Han Geng expressed that his focus is currently on his album and his lawyers are taking care of the case completely, and he obviously wishes that he will win the case.

* Delayed again!

Source: iFeng Ent
Translated by Windchime@geng-bao.net


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