[FEATURE] Korean Women’s Most Wanted Boyfriends

(T/N: This is a poll for Kpop music fans to vote, the top 20 places were the most wanted celebrity boyfriend.)

1. G-Dragon Bigbang (896票)

2. Jang Geun Seok & Lee Min Ho (860 votes)

3. Lee Dong Hae Super Junior (823 votes)

4. Nichkhun 2PM (756 votes)

5. T.O.P Bigbang (718 votes)

6. Choi MinHo SHINee (624 votes)

7. DaeSung Bigbang (543 votes)

8. Lee Hong Ki FT Island (517 votes)

9. Jung Yunho TVXQ (456 votes)]

10. Jung YongHwa CN Blue (319 votes)

11. Kim Jaejoong TVXQ (314 votes)

12. Lee Taemin SHINee (298 votes)

13. Kim Hyun Joong SS501 (295 votes)

14. Seungri Bigbang (291 votes)

15. Thunder MBLAQ (288 votes)

16. Kim Heechul Super Junior (285 votes)

17. Taeyang Bigbang (279 votes)

18. Woo Taecyeon 2PM (264 votes)

19. LeeTeuk Super Junior (256 votes)

20. Choi Jung Hoon FT Island (245 votes)

Source: Baidu LeeTaemin + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }


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