Heechul is to Lady Gaga :: Shindong is to Beyonce?

Super Junior’s Shindong and Heechul experienced quite an increase in Twitter page hits recently with their newly uploaded photos. But wait – these aren’t just any photos; these are photos of the two as females!
After the group’s concerts in Seoul for their third Super Show, Shindong updated his Twitter with a photo of a pretty girl, saying, “Throwing

a photo [in] before going to sleep. Bbyong.” It’s a bit hard to figure out exactly

shindong beyonce

who this girl is, but after a while it’ll hit you – this photo isn’t of a girl at all! In fact, it’s no other than Shindong himself!
Fans commented on the photo, saying, “You’re really beautiful. You look better than me,” and “Who is it? The photo came out so well. I will call you unnie from now on!”

Shindong’s fellow member Heechul also transformed into a woman via Twitter just yesterday. Dressing up as Lady Gaga, the entertainer received many laughs for his accurate transformation and even took a photo with his fellow members, Siwon and Kyuhyun! The photo was captioned with, “With my fans. I’m Lady Heehee.”

All of these makeovers came together when Shindong performed Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ with Eunhyuk and Donghae, and Heechul performed ‘Poker Face’ to go with his get-up. The four also added in a special fan service by performing ‘Crazy in Love,’ which surprised many fans.
Since they were all dressed up already, it would’ve been nice to see the guys performing Lady Gaga’s song with Beyonce, ‘Telephone’ – but I’m not complaining. The fact that these idols would be willing to strip themselves of their manly dignities is definitely impressive enough for me!

Source: Kwon Soobin@newsen.com
Translation: ch0sshi@kpoplive.com
Written by: shadesofgrey@kpoplive.com


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