Super Junior Informs Fans About Concert On Twitter

Super Junior members have been informing fans about their 3rd Asia tour, which is only a few days away, through their Twitter accounts.

On the 12th, Lee Teuk wrote, “Thank you, to the many fans that have been coming from various countries for our concert^^ I will only be doing group performances for this concert, sorry.” Lee Teuk took the liberty of letting his fans know that he will not be having a solo performance, so they would not be left wondering what he would do.

Shindong also updated his Twitter the same day saying, “I heard through the grapevine that ELF is preparing an event… The song is not decided, but I won’t be singing that song~~~ It would have been nice if you found out earlier, but I don’t know what song is being prepared, so nothing is definite.”

On the 11th, Yesung posted, “There are only 3 days left… Although I’m tired and exhausted, I will earn strength thinking of you all.” Prior to those tweets, Donghae wrote to his fans on the 5th. He tweeted, “Aja aja !!!! The concert is next week^^ Hwaiting!!! Super Show3 Coming Soon !!!

The first concerts for the Super Junior The 3rd Asia Tour: Super Show 3 will take place on the coming 14th and 15th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

Source: Kwon Soo Bin
Translation: ch0sshi


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