Shindong clears up rumors about his girlfriend

Super Junior’s Shindong caused quite a stir last May when he announced that he had a girlfriend and wanted to marry her. However, there seems to be false rumors circulating around the two, as Shindong recently went out of his way to clear them up. On the 10th, this idol wrote via Twitter, “There are those that ask if my girlfriend is a sasaeng fan (fans who go to extremes to stalk their celebrity day and night), and she is not. Who created those rumors? I laughed when it was speculated that the words of my girlfriend being my underclassmen was just for broadcast use.” Additionally, Shindong continued through a television appearance, “My girlfriend really is my school underclassmen. I coincidentally saw my girlfriend’s picture in the yearbook, and asked my professor to introduce me to her, and that’s how we met.” Through this explanation, Shindong clearly proved rumors about his girlfriend not really being his underclassmen, and being a sasaeng fan instead, categorically false. Furthermore, the idol also pleaded, “Please don’t do that…!! Please stop now…”, and said, “There were a lot of words saying that I asked people to stop talking about the wedding while I continued to talk about it. This also seems to be a misunderstanding, I asked people to stop asking questions like when we are getting married, and are we getting married for real. ^^ But I won’t talk a lot about my girlfriend anymore.” Meanwhile, Shindong received approval from both his parents and his girlfriend’s parents to go out with each other. He is the first idol to officially “go out” with another person on such a scale.

Credits: sjcouples


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