Sungmin feels lonely!

Super Junior’s Shindong recently revealed, “Sungmin is really lonely. He also has a lot of worries.”

The two appeared on SBS Bae KiWan, Choi Youngah, Cho HyungKi’s Good Morning‘ with their other members, which aired on the 27th. On Sungmin, Shindong confessed, “He was really worried about his cute image being seen negatively. He talked to me a lot in order to show a more manlier side of him.”

Sungmin confirmed Shindong’s comment by saying, “I have changed a lot recently. Fans also told me that I have become a bit curt. I used to act cute a lot in the past, but now my own toes curl.”

Source: Park Jung Hyun
Translation: ch0sshi
Shared by: SuJuInsider


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