Donghae & Kangta to judge Infinity Challenge cast for SME audition

A few weeks ago, we reported that the hilarious crew of MBC Infinity Challenge were going to audition for SM Entertainment.

What would an audition be without the alert ears of the judges, right? Further news have been revealed that Kangta, from the first generation idol group H.O.T, and Super Junior’s Donghae will be the judges!

On day of the recording (which took place back in March), the Infinity Challenge crew arrived at SM Entertainment and took part in the audition. And of course, the members weren’t treated like they were already celebrities. The crew unveiled themselves from their celebrity status and showcased their individual dancing, singing and other talents to the judges.

Kangta and Donghae, who have already been through the stages of becoming idol stars, didn’t seem very pleased with the crews’ performances.

In addition, clips of the Infinity Challenge cast taking some lessons from After School’s Kahi and Orange Caramel will also be shown.

Source: sayykimchi


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