Eunhyuk: “Saying Suju has 12 members, I’d consider it a joke.”

Idol group Super Junior’s Eunhyuk ‘do not believe the fact of 12 members.

On SBS ‘Good Morning’ which was broadcasted on the 27th, Eunhyuk revealed “It’s a joke to hear Super Junior being referred as 12-membered in the company; I even thought it was a hidden camera.” “I feel insecure having to acknowledge this one by one to everybody.”

Regarding to this, Leeteuk explained further “Because of the fact that all of us were very close since trainees, we were able to communicate naturally just like how a group originally would, and later the number of members increased, thus we gained confidence.” “Everyone carries the belief of ‘Not being able to succeed if were to break up’ and this way of thinking made us more united.”

Debuted in 2005, Super Junior had just officially ended their 4th Jib’s promotions, and is currently pursuing individual activities.

Source: ISplus

Korean to chinese translation: 香淑_小抽 @ Sujudian
Chinese to english translation: ~♡ 혁-fied @

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