SJ’s bedroom type

Maybe some of u already know this but I just wanna share to you heehee
we all already know that our oppa-reul have their own personality so they have their own bedroom type ^^ -Dylla

Check this out !

Fishy type (Donghae)

Peterpan’s type (teuki)

Dangkoma’s type (Yesung)

Evil’s type (Kyuhyun)

Horse’s type (Siwon)

Monkey’s type (Eunhyuk)

Princess’s type (Heechul)

Teddy bear’s type (Shindong)

Racoon’s type (Kangin)

Snow White’s type (Kibum)


Pinky’s type (Sungmin)

Eternal Maknae’s type (Ryewook)

Credits : starjunior.wordpress
Shared by: Dylla

2 Responses to “SJ’s bedroom type”
  1. siewhui says:

    hey, i just wanted to ask.
    is this real ?

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