Let’s talk about Heenim! [PART 2]

Why is Heechul often referred to as “Heenim”?

In the Korean language, -nim is a suffix added to someone’s job title or name as a show of respect. For instance, teachers are called ‘sunsaengnim,’ parents are called ‘boomonim,’ those who have been in your field longer than you are called ‘sunbaenim,’ etc. It’s somewhat like calling someone sir/madam or “honorable” in front of their title or name. Hee from Heechul with the -nim suffix, thus Heenim or honorable Hee.

Why is Heenim’s nickname Cinderella?

I’ve heard many stories on how Heenim got the nickname Cinderella, but from his own words, there isn’t really any specific reason he got the nickname. It wasn’t because he had to be home by midnight and it wasn’t because he’s as beautiful as a princess Smile As the story goes, one day Heechul and Kibum went to a PC gameroom to play computer games. For some unspecified reason, he used the username ‘Cinderella’ when logging on and when Kibum asked him what username he should use, he told Kibum to use ‘Snow White’ and friends thought it was funny thus they became Cinderella and Snow White from then on.

What does his minihompy address ‘yuri9doo’ mean?

‘Yurigoodoo’ is the Korean word for glass slipper to go along with the Cinderella theme and since the number nine is ‘goo’ in Korean, Heenim’s minihompy address became ‘yuri9doo.’

How come Heenim always says he’s older than he actually is?

That is due to the difference between Korean age and Western age. In Korea, the moment you are born, you are considered to be 1 years old. Thus, having been born in 1983, in Korea he is 28 years old this year (2010). Also, although Koreans celebrate birthdays, traditionally you don’t actually turn a year older on your birthday, rather everyone turns a year older on New Year’s Day. So before July 10, he is already 28 in Korean age while in Western age he is 27 until his birthday.

Why does Heenim say that he is the same age as Hankyung and Jay when he was born in 1983 and they were born in 1984?

This is due to the Korean school year which starts in early spring. Both Hankyung and Jay were born in early 1984 and would have been enrolled in the same school year as those born in 1983, thus would have been classmates. Those born in early parts of the year are considered the same age as a person who was born the previous year…

In SuJu, these are the groupings by the same age:

1) Eeteuk (83), Heechul (83), Hankyung (early 84)

2) Yesung (84), Kangin (early 85)

3) Shindong (85), Sungmin (early 86)

4) Eunhyuk (86), Donghae (86), Siwon (early 87)

5) Ryeowook (87), Kibum (87), Kyuhyun (early 88)

As you can see, it really isn’t a matter of days or months age difference, but more their school grades. Eunhyuk is only 3 months younger than Sungmin, but he calls Sungmin “hyung” while Donghae is 6 months younger than Eunhyuk, but they are considered “friends.” In Korea, “friends” does not necessarily only denote being close to someone, but rather being the same age as them. Thus, even though Heechul and Kibum are very close to each other, they aren’t considered “friends,” but rather a close hyung/dongsaeng.

Why is Heenim listed as an actor in Naver rather than a singer?

That’s due to the fact that Heenim debuted as an actor on the teen drama “Banolim 2″ on March 6, 2005, a full 8 months before debuting as a singer with Super Junior on November 6, 2005.

Does Heenim live with all members of Super Junior?

When Super Junior was first formed, for a little while all members of Super Junior lived together, but due to the sheer number of members, Super Junior soon moved into two separate dorms in separate apartment buildings that were within 5 minutes of each other (they weren’t able to get 2 apartments in the same building). At that time, Heechul lived in one of the dorms along with Kibum and Hankyung from Super Junior and Jay (Typhoon) from Trax after he returned from Japan, while the rest of the Super Junior members (excluding Shiwon who moved back to his parents’ house) lived in another. In Heechul’s dorm, Heechul got his own room, Hankyung shared with a manager, and Kibum shared his room with Jay from Trax. The other dorm’s roommates changed often, but at one time or another most have probably been roommates of one another, especially since some rooms had 4 to a room.

Then in September 2007, the leases on the Super Junior dorms ended and weren’t renewed due to all the noisy fans who were disturbing their neighbors so they moved to 2 new dorms across the river, but this time more spacious dorms in the same building.

5 members of Super Junior live in one dorm on the 11th floor while 5 members live in another dorm on the 12th floor. Kangin, Shiwon, and Kibum either live with family/relatives or by themselves nearby apparently.

5members on the 12th floor: Heechul and Eeteuk share a room, Donghae and Shindong share a room, and Hankyung has his own room.

5 members on the 11th floor: Sungmin and Kyuhyun share a room, Yesung, and Ryeowook, and Eunhyuk has his own room.

What are Heenim’s favorite color(s)?

Back in July 2004 when he filled in his 100 Questions 100 Answers, he listed his favorite colors as pink, red, and black. But when he revised his 100 Questions 100 Answers in August 2007, he wrote that his favorite color was “blood (úì) color” Smile

Who or what exactly is Sellectice and his friend Karrion?

Sellectice and his friend Karrion’ were cartoon characters that Heenim created when he was still in high school. His best friend from high school, Daehyun, was ‘Sellectice’ and Heechul was ‘his friend Karrion.’ Sellectice was a super hero, but the thing that set Sellectice apart from all other super heroes was that he didn’t protect the world, but rather he only protected himself. Sellectice believed that everyone should take care of themselves instead of asking someone else for help LOL

Heechul said the characters were quite popular among his classmates and he’d often get requests to draw those characters for them during breaks. He has even drawn the characters on camera in an episode of “Banolim 2.” If you ever see Heenim’s autograph, the round faced character with a flower on his head is ‘Sellectice.’

How tall is Heenim?

Heechul stated for years that he was 178cm (a little over 5′ 10″) since that was what he was measured as during the school physical. Even when the Super Junior profile stated that he was 179cm, he stated on his minihompy that it was incorrect and that he was only 178cm. Then in July 2006, when he was on a TV show called DongAn Club and they were asking about heights, Heechul said that he recently had to go to the hospital (he slipped in the rain and sprained his ankle in early July 2006) and at that time, they measured his height and he turned out to be 177cm so he asked SM to change his profile from 179cm to 177cm. The doctor who was on the show said that depending on what time of day one is measured that everyone’s height varies from 1-2cm so that it wasn’t a big deal. But he stated in various places that he was only 177cm and he wanted his profile changed to reflect the truth and so various search engines and photo sites changed his profile to 177cm. Then as we all know, Heechul got into his car accident in August 2006. And I guess when he was about to get released from the hospital, they were doing a physical and measured his height again and what do you know… it’s 178cm LOL So all these photo sites and search engines list him as 177cm even though he is actually 178cm.

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