Hangeng’s Weibo Updates


手 机上的微薄终于搞明白了,我发现我真的OUT!!睡了,晚安!!” @2:33 AM China

Finally figured out how to work Weibo on my phone, I realized i’m really OUT (out of date) !! Going to sleep, Goodnight!!

“新的一天开 始了,但我起晚了!!”

new day is beginning, but i woke up late !!

@Jinsha: “吃了第二顿早餐又继续睡…我梦到了匪夷所思的人。”

After eating a second breakfast I went back to sleep…I dreamed of an unexpected person.”

in reply Geng said, “少吃点,听说你在减肥.”

Don’t eat too much, I heard you’re dieting.

今天的工作马上开始了,加油 (11 min ago)

Today’s work gonna start soon, Good Luck

Credits: Geng’s weibo
Translated by: prince☆china@SJ-WORLD.NET


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