Preorder Bonamana Version C [Philippines only]

*This is taken from The Filipino ELF multiply post.

Please Read Carefully before asking!

We will open Version A & B orders after Version C okay? that’s around end of July or August so we can save enough and give way to Version C.

For Filipino Buyers only, For International Buyers we can help you HERE

Well Good News we will open orders for Version C Now!

But before anything else we have RULES before you are going to purchase the album through us.

1.Take note that we are not sellers of 4jib, we are just merely doing this project for ALL PHILIPPINE ELF who wants to order the album from Korea which will help Super Junior top on Hanteo Charts.

2.Before ordering you must promise to always update yourself because we can’t update you regarding your orders and other stuff. We have twitter,multiply & facebook where you can always ask and leave messages, but we can’t promise to reply through texts, so please bear with us.

3. Make sure you can take the changes and will go to set meet up dates and places.

4. For buyers below 16yrs. old or anyone who can’t follow rules well for meet ups, better ask an older ELF to accompany you specially with the modes of payments and pick up. DO NOT INVOLVE YOUR PARENTS HERE! I hate explaining all over and over again so please study well before you join this project.

5. Please be aware of all the happenings so you won’t be left out. Example (what is the custom’s tax? when will the album arrived? etc & Please don’t ask anything that was already posted. I hate people who don’t read first. If you don’t understand you may ask.

6. We are limiting the album into maximum of 5 per person just to prohibit resellers. But of course you can do a technique with this but we are begging you to be honest and don’t gain profit & don’t use ELF this time, we badly need the money for Project only! Please do report us if ever you found any seller who resells the album from us.

7. Once confirmed never attempt to back out because it will affect all other prices unless you can find a new buyer.

8. Please be aware of our mode of payments.If we can’t accept payment on meet ups and other options please respect it.

9. Follow the steps of payments & confirmation well. PLEASE PICK UP YOUR ALBUM IF YOU’RE ONLY AROUND Q.C, MANILA OR CAVITE we will FIND REPS there..

10. Spread the news to all other ELF to help SJ boost their album sales.


1. Deadline of Reservation?
-No payments yet, wait for confirmation!. On or before July 7, 2010.

2. Deadline of Payments?
-July 9, 2010 12pm

3. How can I order?
-Sign up the order form. Read well and send. ORDER FORM HERE

4. What are the mode of payments? How Can I get my album?
Shipping or Pick Up Read Details [read it here]

5. I don’t have multiply, how can I sign up?
– Create one. Sign up for an account here

6. I don’t know how to use Multiply >.<
– Take a tour here
If you want layouts here:

7. How much is the Version C?

8. What will be included in Version C?

4 New songs : + PhotoCard & Poster.

여행 (A Short Journey)
잠시만 Good Bye (A Short Journey)
Music By Donghae & Lyrics By Eunhyuk

진심 (All My Heart)
Composed by Leeteuk & Henry

너 같은사람 또 없어 (No Other)

Shake It Up (Remix)

9. What is the difference between Versions A, B & C?

Version A Click Here | Version B Click Here |

For Version C, New Album Cover, 4 New Songs, Different Photocard, New Poster! More Expensive.
10. Can we still order Versions A& B?

-yeah but later after Version C project is DONE.

11. I missed out alot. What are the Projects that was done?

Version A Project | Version B Project

ELFs Who Helped Buy The Albums

12. Is there stickers, photocards & posters again if we order A&B ?

-Photocard & Posters only I guess.

13. When will it arrive?

-1 week after placing the order.

14. When will be the meet ups and where?

-We will organize that soon, for now keep in mind the rules.

15. Where else can I see updates?

Elizabeth Cabunagan
Monick Jaranilla
Elizabeth Cabunagan
Monick Jaranilla

For other updates read them here.

*For all you know, this is counted in Hanteo Charts, and buying through us is like partaking a big part on 4jib Daebak…

For inquiries, comment here: HERE


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