Siwon and Heechul reveals their ideal girl in Singles interview

Super Junior members Kim Heechul and Siwon who recently released their 4th album and are actively promoting revealed their manly and frank image through an interview with the lifestyle magazine “Singles.”

Kim Heechul and Choi Siwon showcased their different charms with the concept of a “daring criminal” and a “gentle cop” in the photo shoot, which looked as if it was from a scene from a movie. Also, in the interview which occurred at the same time as the photo shoot, they frankly revealed their personality, charms, and their ideal type of girl with the topic of “real mind of homme fatale.” First, Kim Heechul said, “my personality is like, “wielding a sword.” I need a women who can be like, “a sheath.” I like someone who’s elegant, nice and can softly lead me. I didn’t care if they were older or younger than me before, but now, since there are many cute women hoobaes, I’m more attracted to a younger woman.” Similar to Kim Heechul, Choi Siwon said, “I like someone who’s positive and has pure eyes. I hope my future wife will be someone who can understand my unstable occupation and is able to maintain the household well.” Both of them preferred “a woman who can take care of them well.” Even though they look social, to become truly close to them, there seems to be a wall that you can’t cross. How are they on one on one meetings, how are they normally and kind of people are they? Kim Heechul said, “there are limited number of people who I’m deeply close to. Hongki and Mithra are two people that I mostly meet with. Because we three are AB blood type, we are attracted to each other.” When we meet, we would normally see a movie, talk about girls and have fun time. We would say this person from a girl group is pretty, so and so. Don’t most guys talk about this?.” He revealed his honesty as a young man in his 20s. Recently, other members imitated on a variety show Choi Siwon’s daily life which looks as if it’s from a photo shoot. When asked about how true that was, he said, “somethings are exaggerated. So, I do feel somewhat aggrieved. To me, it was a natural motion, to the hyungs, they thought it was funny. Truthfully, I don’t say hello with three fingers up.” These two are already members of a veteran group who debuted 5 years ago. When asked if they have habits or living style that they’ve acquired through them living as celebrities, Kim Heechul said, “I changed a lot that even the members would agree. Actually, at the beginning of the debut, I hated if someone was next to me. However, I realized that inconsistency with my emotion was bad for programs. So, I try to smooth over the situation and that made my personality change.” Choi, Siwon said, “because other members are playful, my personality became more cheerful that I would be playing with them together. Before, if a member would joke, I would just watch from the side. Now, I chip in. Even though I don’t try to do it purposely, I’m naturally influenced by them.” He revealed his love for the group by saing, “it’s not because I’m a celebrity. I’ve change because I’m a Super Junior member.” You can see for yourself Super Junior Kim Heechul and Choi Siwon’s fashion photo shoot and the detailed interview in July issue of the lifestyle magazine, “Singles.”

Source: Freezone News
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM


5 Responses to “Siwon and Heechul reveals their ideal girl in Singles interview”
  1. waves2622 says:

    Heechul’s perfect girls description sounds like euphemism 0.o

  2. czarina says:

    hope that si won can read this comment…in jesus name…let it be..

  3. czarina says:

    i hope i can go to seoul so i can meet siwon,there are similarities between me and si wons ideal girl, my religion is christian with sincere personality and heart,kind,lovable,and respectful…and can understand si wons occupation..

  4. hunkhunk says:

    the girl heechul was describing is totally wonder girls sohee…ha3…awesome stuff!

  5. Ransi J says:

    wow seems like Heechul has a great a girl like that.hehe

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